How to modify fiberglass motorcycle bodywork?

One very popular product we manufacture, and sell on this website, is a Norton Style café racer seat unit (pn°1070). Just like the Laverda 750-SFC (1040SU) the sides have rounded extensions left and right, rather than being flat, whereon you can stick your race number.

The other day we received a question from a customer whose project is based on a Triumph 900 Trident with a Thunderbird fuel tank. Now, the width of the tank is only 14cm at the seat’s end, but the standard 1070 seat is 16,5cm… which esthetically doesn’t look so good as it’s more beautiful to have a seamless connection between the tank and the seat.

To fix exactly this kind of problem we make our seats with two layers of fiberglass: one with chopped fiber and the second layer of woven fiberglass. It makes the final result lighter yet stronger (it also looks much cleaner on the inside) and super-easy to modify by trimming away abundant material with a cutting disc. All you have to do next is smoothing up the edges with sandpaper and the job’s done in barely a few minutes: